Formby Befriending Scheme

Case Studies

“I would like to express my thanks to the volunteers of the Formby Project who have helped me so much before, and particularly after, my husband passed away.

I have an eye condition which means that I can no longer drive and makes travelling to my hospital appointments very difficult. The volunteers of Formby Project have kindly taken me to my appointments and also given me lifts to the local shops because of difficulties crossing busy roads where there is no pedestrian crossing. It is such a relief to have their help in this way.”



“About two years ago I joined the Formby Project group who started to come for me once or twice a week to take me to the village to the bank and any bits of shopping I need. This is very helpful for me is I can’t go out unless someone comes for me. I can hardly walk as I have ulcers on both ankles which are very painful and I have to go to the clinic every week to have them washed and dressed.

I have no family of my own, and since losing my husband eight years ago life has been sad and lonely.

Since the Formby Project life has been so different. Thank you so much to all the kind people for all the friendship I have been given.”



“I volunteered for the Project at a low time in my life having just lost my husband. I was asked to visit an old lady of over 100 with no family at all. At first she was reluctant to have a visit, but when she died 2 years later I lost a very good friend and we both, I am sure, had benefited from the visits. I know I had.

I wasn’t sure when I first visited my next friend how things would go, but when after my third visit she said how delighted she was to have made a new friend at her age, 91, I knew it was worth carrying on and I began to enjoy these visits too.

Befriending helped me to carry on and I hope maybe it made a difference to my new friends.”