Formby Befriending Scheme

About Us

The Formby Project was launched as a pilot scheme in November 2013 with support from Brighter Living Partnership, a small charity based in Southport, to try to address the problem of social isolation amongst older people in the area. The main aim of the scheme was to offer companionship and support to older people who had become isolated or who were no longer able to get out as much as they used to. The benefits of the Formby Project quickly became evident and in November 2016 we celebrated 3 successful years at our monthly Coffee Club.

As the work increased, the name was changed to The Formby Befriending Scheme and we became independent and registered with the Charity Commission in February 2017 (Registered Charity Number 1171771).  We maintain all relevant and applicable Policies including Safeguarding, Health & Safety and Equality, Diversity & Inclusion.  Also, following the Pandemic we continue to provide a safe environment for everybody, mindful that Covid cases are still being reported.

The Formby Befriending Scheme is managed by a group of Trustees who live in the area and a Steering Group who oversee the day to day running of the scheme.   At the heart, however, is the strong team of volunteers who give their time to visit every week and provide a friendly face and a listening ear.