Formby Befriending Scheme


As social restrictions are eased, we are gradually reopening our normal activities in a careful and managed way. Our first priority remains the health and welfare of our Friends, volunteers and staff as we continue to provide a safe environment for everybody. The Formby Befriending Scheme has taken a number of steps to ensure the safety of everyone, including vulnerable older people, whilst still working to reduce social isolation where possible.


  • Visits have commenced if agreed by both the volunteer and Friend, both indoor and outdoor.
  • At the start of visiting, a Risk Assessment is completed between the volunteer and the Scheme Liaison Officer. This determines whether visiting can take place safely and the particular safety precautions required.
  • Anybody visiting, volunteer of member of staff, must either be fully vaccinated or take a Covid test before each visit. Fully vaccinated means having received both vaccines at least 14 days before visiting. The Covid test will be either PCR or Lateral Flow as confirmed by the Scheme trustees.
  • Visitors are encouraged to wear face masks on entry and exit to/from a property. We also recommend the regular use of gel sanitiser and that properties are kept as well ventilated as possible.
  • Volunteers who wish to take a Friend out are required to follow Government guidelines regarding safe travel. Fce coverings must be used and adequate ventilation maintained.

Coffee Clubs

  • Coffee Clubs recommenced on the 3rd August and will take place on a weekly basis on either a Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • Attendance will be by invitation only and everyone will be contacted beforehand. We are aware that some people are not quite ready to return to normal activities.
  • Everybody is asked whether they have been full vaccinated although it is not practicable to request and check evidence. Those not vaccinated must take a Lateral Flow Covid test before attending and should report the result on the website
  • Free transport will be provided as usual by either taxi or volunteer. Face coverings must be worn and there will be 2 or 3 people in the vehicle.
  • Gel sanitiser will be provided on and entry and exit to/from premises.
  • There may be a 1 way system around the premises.
  • There will be a maximum of 15 people, including staff and volunteers. Reduced numbers helps maintain a safe environment.
  • Tables and seating will be adequately spaced and rooms well ventilated.
  • Face coverings will be worn when moving about but not at tables.
  • Everyone will remain seated as much as possible other than when necessary e.g. toilet.
  • Refreshments will be served using tongs. keeping cakes and biscuits covered. Appliances such as kettles will be used by a maximum of 2 volunteers.
  • On arrival, everyone is asked whether they have Covid symptoms. No-one with symptoms is allowed to attend.
  • Where we have the details, families of attendees will be informed that their relative is attending. Any issues or concerns will be addresses accordingly.
  • The Venue Risk Assessment will be completed and regularly reviewed and updated,