Formby Befriending Scheme

Le Jog Sponsored Bike Ride

Congratulations Liz and Matt for, again, taking on the massive challenge of the 970 mile Deloitte Ride Across Britain cycling from Lands End to John O’Groats raising money for the Befriending Scheme. It is a truly gruesome and gruelling challenge to complete the distance in 9 days, averaging a minimum of 10 miles per hour for 10 hours a day, up and down hills and mountains with 53,000 feet of uphill climbing. There’s not even a rest day! Some of our Friends will remember that they first did this in 2018.

This year, the weather was difficult for all the riders starting with strong headwinds and then scorching heat. Then, having crossed into Scotland, Liz and Matt were struck by illness and injury which ended their ride early. Despite their disappointment they still completed 600 miles in 6 days, a fantastic achievement.

Even though we find ourselves questioning their sanity, we’re incredibly grateful to Liz and Matt for their fundraising.

Elizabeth Foggin